Is Fatal Attraction Syndrome A Real Condition?

Is Fatal Attraction Syndrome A Real Condition?

The term ‘fatal attraction’ has been a popular one within western societies ever since 1987, when a blockbuster movie of the same name was released in cinemas worldwide. This movie starred Hollywood icon Glenn Close as a woman with an unhealthy obsession with a married lover, played by Michael Douglas.

In simple terms, it refers to a romantic and sexual attraction which defies all reason. It is a deeply unhealthy attraction (almost always restricted to just one of the individuals) which indicates a serious level of psychological damage. In the most extreme cases, the obsessed individual can actually try to harm the object of their affections so that nobody else can be with them.

Is fatal attraction syndrome a real thing?

From a psychological perspective, fatal attraction syndrome is very much a real condition. Whilst it may have a different clinical name, cognitive specialists treat people with unhealthy romantic obsessions on a regular basis. Whilst the syndrome can be very serious and even lead to murder in some instances, the situation usually resolves itself once the romantic link is completely severed.

What are the symptoms of a fatal attraction?

It is almost always the case that an individual with fatal attraction syndrome has developed feelings for another person who does not reciprocate them. There are times when a sexual relationship has been pursued, and then the sufferer has become extremely violent, aggressive, or agitated once it has been broken off. There are others (for example, with stalkers) when no sexual relationship exists.

This type of psychological syndrome is characterized by an unhealthy obsession with the interests, well being, and activities of another individual. This obsession grows to such a point that it eclipses logic and reason, and can end up with sufferers following love objects in secret, being rude or aggressive to those who get to spend time with them, and even threatening suicide if the love object does not agree to a relationship.

Does fatal attraction have an impact on sexuality?

It is often the case that fatal attraction syndrome comes along with a high sex drive and an obsessive need to be with the object of affection in a sexual manner. The problem is that this can manifest itself in dangerous or violent behaviors, particularly if the feelings are not reciprocated.

It is not uncommon for the sufferer to masturbate whilst watching or looking at pictures of the object of affection, or for the sexual behaviors to become increasingly violent. This is the point at which the object of affection can be in grave danger of harm, and they are advised to report any suspicious or worrying behavior to the police as it occurs.