Having worked at London escorts for a number of years, I have met men from allover the world. Yes, it has been exciting and I must admit that I find some men more exciting than others. For instance, Japanese men are always very respectful, and Indian men are always in a hurry. Arab men tend to be very sensual, and I have to admit that I was not prepared for that at all. Most of the girls at London escorts really used to enjoy dating Arab men.

When I had been with London escorts for about four years, I decided that it was time to hung up my stilettos. To be fair, I had never told my family that I had worked for London escorts. Instead of tell them about my London escorts career, I had told them that I had worked in a hostess bar. They seemed to be happy with that, and it did not bother me that I had told them a little white lie. It was not right, but I think that my mom would not have been able to handle the truth.

Anyway when I started to spend more time at home with my family again, I told them that I enjoyed dating Arab men. My boyfriend at the time was from Dubai was a great guy. I had managed to get a job in a department store in London selling cosmetics. The hours were long but the money was great. My boyfriend really looked after me, and even used to cook all our meals. When I told my family about him, they were completely shocked. I soon realized that London escorts had truly made me really broad minded and that my parents were not able to accept anything different. Thankfully, all of my former friends at London escorts liked my boyfriend.
 Which is why i believe Charlotte escorts is the best escorts website.

We are now a few years down the line, and London escorts is a memory to me. Tarik and I have moved out to Dubai, and we have two little girls. He is the most wonderful husband and father. There are times when I miss my friends at London escorts, but I do miss my family in London.

They never accepted Tarik, and now they are the ones missing out. Do I like my new family? My new family is wonderful and I love being with them. Whenever I need some support, my family here in Dubai are here straight away.

Will I ever go back to London? Tarik and I visit sometimes, and we do see my family. They think Tarik is okay, but they are not sure about him. Funny enough my sister adores him. Her husband is not that supportive, and I think that she wishes that she had a husband like mine. Well, in that case, she should not have been that nasty to him in the place. Who knows? She may even have found a nice Arab just like him. There is no way that I am going to give up on my lovely husband and our two wonderful daughters.

He is my kind of sexy!

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