Do you live in London and feel that you never get a chance to chill out? In that case, you are in the same boat as me. As soon s I step out of my front door, I feel like London grips me and want to carry me away. It is all of the hustle and bustle, and I am not so sure that it is doing me any good. I have tried to create my own sanctuary, but sometimes the noise of London even invades that. The gents that I date at London escorts even say the same thing.

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But, there are places in London where you can go to really chill out. Last Saturday morning, I bumped into one of my favorite gents at London escorts. I was out shopping for some new clothes and he was shopping for new ties. Sometimes I am not sure that I should speak to the gents that I date, but this gent came up to me. He asked me how my weekend was going and I said that I was trying to chill out a little bit.

I must have hit his soft spot, because he told me he knows the best places to relax in London. Great, I said, tell me where they are and go there. No, he said, let me show you instead. Two hours later, I found myself going up the river on his boat. We stopped near this little green bend in the Thames which I did not even know existed. He hastily produced some bird food from his boat, and we spent the next hour feeding the birds. Guess what? I totally forgot about London.

Let me take you shopping he said next. I did not thing that you could relax when shopping in London but obviously by London escorts knew better. We jumped in his car and ended up in this very old fashioned shop in London. All of the ladies who worked looked ancient but they had lovely clothes. My gent bought me a lovely outfit for that evening and I felt like a real London escorts princess. I left the store in the outfit, and was taken to the mos relaxing place you could eat in London according to my gent.

I had never been to the Savoy before, but we ended up in one of the private dining rooms in the Savoy. To be honest, I don’t think that any of the girls from our London escorts service had been in their before, and I loved it. By the time dinner was over, I realised that my gents had showed me his personal treasures in London. I was sworn to secrecy and made to promise not to tell anyone else. Did I feel more relaxed? I certainly did and I had loved the experience. Do you know what? Since that day I have been doing a lot more chilling out with my special gent in London, and I love it. So would you and many of our other places our truly secret….

How to Chill out in London
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