When we first met, she never said anything about what she does for a living. She told me that she worked in a restaurant in Brentwood and I believed. I guess that it was a handy cover as I would be able to find out what she really did not a living that easily. But when I was out on a night out with my mates, I came across a bunch of guys who really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Sitting with them was my girlfriend.


My mate told me that he thought the girls were escorts. I had never met any London escorts before so I was a bit taken back. My girlfriend comes across as rather a normal girl so I would never have thought that she worked for a London escorts agency. But, I did know that she was supposed to be at work on that night, so I had to ask her what she was up to. She looked really embarrassed and did confess that she worked for a London escorts service.


Now I am not sure what I should. Should I tell her that I am not going to forgive her and that I don’t want to be with her anymore. The thing is that she is a very nice girl and I like being with her, but I do feel that she has let me down. I wish that she would have told that she worked for a London escorts service when we first met, but I guess that it was not important to her. It makes me wonder what else she has lied about if she found so easy to lie about London escorts.


I am a bit concerned about continuing to go out with her. Perhaps my mates did not recognize her, but if they were to recognize her, I would end up in a lot of trouble. They would take a mickey out of me, and in a worst case scenario, it may even get back to work. If that happened, I am not sure that people would say about me. After all, working for London escorts is still a bit of a taboo subject as far as I am concerned.


Have I talked to my mates about it? I have not talked to my friends. They would probably go completely over the top and try to find out what London escorts service she works for. I would love for things to be different but at the end of the day, I know that they are not going to change. The problem is that I can’t think of what to say to her. If I told her that I don’t want to see her again, I think that I would upset. She told me that she normally does not say anything as she has never been able to hang on to a nice guy. Well, I am not sure that lying is the right strategy neither

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