Many relationship counsellors say that the best the best way to save a relationship or solve relationship problems, is talking. I am not sure that is right. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have dated numerous men who are in long term relationships. From what I can tell, most of my regular London escorts dates spend very little time talking to their partners, but yet they are still in long term relationships or they are married. What does that tell you? Is the emotional connection still there, is the sexual desire still strong?

Anyway, I am sure that the partners of most of my London escorts clients, don’t have a clue that their partners are into dating London escorts. Instead, both partners seem to get on with life on their own terms. The wife stays at home and looks after the children and the husband goes to work. The fact that he is into dating London escorts is never mentioned at all. If it was, I am sure that the relationship would not last.

Okay, so all of this does make you wonder what the wife gets up to. Let’s face it, men and women get a kick out of different things. Maybe their wives are into dating male London escorts or don’t care that their husbands date London escorts? I think that when you look at a relationship, it is best to be open-minded. Also, like I said, many women get more of a kick out of shopping, having their hair done and visiting the beautician than staying at home reading the Kama Sutra.

Maybe the men that I date on behalf of London escorts have kind of reached a status quo with their wives. They are happy for them to have their own credit cards and spend all of the money they want. By the end of the month, they just pay their credit cards bills and take them out for fancy meal. When you stop and think about it, it is an excellent way of making sure that everyone needs are met in a savvy sort of way. Sure, he may have a London escorts addiction but his wife may be just as addicted to shopping.

Does that mean that the relationship is not happy? I think that we over analyse relationships. When we start talking about our relationship problems, they often become worse and may even end up ruin the relationship. Perhaps the answer is not to spend time talking about the relationship at all. Instead, why not just get on with your relationship and be thankful that you have each other and can afford to enjoy the best things in life. I am sure that is what many people do who have been together for a long time do. They may not have the perfect relationship, but in general, they are content in their relationship and know what it is all about. Maybe that is the ultimate answer to all of your relationship problems. Talking can really make the situation a lot worse.

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