There are some in society who think that women’s liberation was a totally overrated idea, and should never have happened. It was actually one of the girls at Charlotte Wembley escorts who told me about theory which seems to have started in the United States. Apparently, members of the Orthodox Mormon community in Utah, believe that it is wrong that women have been given the vote. Personally I think it is a bits nuts, and I would imagine that most other girls at Charlotte Wembley escorts of, would believe exactly the same thing.


Why should women not have equal rights to men? A lot of women do the same jobs as men, but are not being paid the same. It is kind of shocking when you stop and think of it. If a woman is doing the same job as a man, why should she not be paid the same. I really cannot understand that at all. As far as I know, both male Charlotte Wembley escorts and female Charlotte Wembley escorts are paid the same. We do very similar jobs so why should we not be paid the same.


As far as rights in the work place, I think that both men and women should have the same rights as well. Yet, there are still companies out there who do not offer men and women the same rights when it comes to things like health care and other company benefits. I really don’t know very much about the issue as the only job I had before Charlotte Wembley escorts was to work in a Tesco store. From what I could tell, we all had equal rights as Tesco. However the job was so poorly paid that I left to work for Charlotte Wembley escorts instead.


Sometimes I think that women go over the top when they talk about sexual harassment. After all, placing your hand on a woman’s knee cannot really be called sexual harassment. I would never encourage sexual harassment, but I have been put on numerous dinner dates with gentlemen on behalf of Charlotte Wembley escorts. Many of them have placed a hand on my knee, and I have never once stood up and shouted that I have been assaulted. I doubt that most Charlotte Wembley escorts would see that action as harassment or sexual assault.


Are women over reacting? I think that many women are totally going over the top when it comes to claims of sexual assault and harassment. The women who are accusing Harvey Weinstein of assault, seem to be going at least a little bit over the top. Many of them have waited for a very long to come forward with their claims, and I am not the only girl at Charlotte Wembley escorts, to wonder why that is. If they were so offended at the time, why did they not say anything back then. I would imagine most of the evidence is gone by now. Not only that, but could it be that there are women out there who sexually assault, or harass men. What about them? Equal rights are important, but equal rights to what? That is the question I often ask myself.


The consequences of women having full equal rights to men
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