It seems that we are in for a cold winter this year, and many of the girls from Westminster escorts, are complaining about the weather. For some reason I seem to have ended up dating a lot of senior gents at Westminster escorts services, and some of them complain about the cold weather that we are having in London this year. I don’t blame them, and for the first time in many years, I am also feeling the cold.

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I don’t have the perfect solution for all of the gentlemen that I date at Westminster escorts, but I think it would help if they look at what they eat. Having a warm breakfast will help when you you feel the cold. Don’t think for one moment that this means you need to have a fry up. I know that fry ups are very popular when it comes to a breakfast option, but to be honest, you would be better of having something like porridge with a hot cup of tea to get you started in the morning.

The other thing that you should do, is to make sure your bed is nice and warm. Often I come gents that don’t know how to make their beds nice and warm. It is rather easy to make a bed nice and warm when you know how. If a gent complains that he is cold when he gets into bed at night, I tell him to get a blanket and put it under his bottom sheet. This will make your bed a lot nice and warmer. Sure, duvets are okay, but don’t go for one with Aloe vera in it, that could make you feel cold. A couple of the girls at Westminster escorts thought Aloe vera duvets were a good idea but they are not.

Before you go to bed after having spent some time with your exciting outcall escort from Westminster escorts, you should have a hot drink. There is nothing like a hot chocolate and an oat biscuit before you go to sleep. Not only will it warm you up, but it will help you to sleep better at the same time. I always have a hot chocolate before I go to bed at night. It helps me to relax and makes me feel a lot better at the same time.

A warm bath will help as well. Think about adding a nice bubble bath to your bath and you will enjoy your bath even more. I love a bubble bath that I buy from Boots. It has rosemary in it and makes me feel super warm in the bath. You can also add a little bit of ginger to your bath, and I love doing that to my tea in the morning as well. Needless to say I wrap up really nice and warm before I go into Westminster escorts. I knit a lot of scarves because I think that there is nothing like a good scarf to keep you warm. If you are a special gent in my life, I may just give you one of my special scarves. I hope that it will keep your warm.

Top Winter Warmer Tips from Westminster Escorts
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