On the side of London escorts, I do a little bit of lingerie modeling. It does not exactly make me a lot of money, but I do on occasion end up in exotic locations around the world. But I guess that you would not really call Paris exotic, but when I have a break from London escorts, I like nothing better than visiting Paris with my boyfriend. But, what do you when you wake up in Paris and your lover is not there?

Well, I like to have fun on my own in Paris, and since I have been to Paris so many times, you can say that I know the city pretty well. Most of the time I wake up, shower and get dressed. After that, I will go for breakfast and enjoy a glass of champagne on my own. Often I send a photo back to the girls at London escorts with an image of my empty glass and say something “ I bet you wish you were here”. It normally gives my girlfriends at London escorts a bit of a giggle.

After that, I like to go shopping. Not all of the shops in Paris are super expensive and you can get fashion for rather decent prices. Not only do I shop for clothes. A couple of the gents I date at London escorts really appreciate things like nice cakes that you can only buy in Paris. I do like to look after my favorite gents at London escorts, so I am always buying French patisserie when I am in Paris. Something else my gents at London escorts like is French cheese.

When I have finished my shopping I like to take a walk along the Seine. Going up the Eiffel Tower is not something that I am into. I have been to the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower a couple of times with one of my best dates at London escorts. We had a great time and I love going there. But it is not the sort of thing that I would like to do on my own. Instead, I walk along the river and see if I can spot anything interesting from the street sellers along the Seine.

That normally ends my day in Paris. I go back to my hotel and pick up my little case. A short stay in Paris is just a nice treat for me, but I really don’t like going on my own. I prefer to visit Paris with my boyfriend or one of my London escorts dates. It is not really the sort of place that you would like to be on your own in. A lot of people say that Paris is just another big city, but I think that Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world. Yes, I love it, and I would so much rather go there than anywhere else in Europe for a nice dirty weekend.

What to Do in Paris When He is Not There
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