I have been dating escorts in London for quite a few years now, and I have to say that it is beginning to be a bit like a production line. There are tons of different agencies all over London, and they do have very sexy girls. However, there is one major problem. I think that many of the girls that I am meeting in places like south and west London are just to slick and professional. It would be nice to date escorts who are a bit fresher and a bit newer to the business. I know that is not going to be easy as most gents want to meet experienced girls.

If you are serious about wanting to date girls who are new to escorting, you should check out places like Romford and Ilford in north London. The truth is that everybody has to start somewhere, and most girls who make it as elite or VIP escorts, start of working for http://cityofeve.com/north-london-escorts north London escorts services. Most of the top agencies in south and west London would like to employ experienced girls. Sometimes this is not as easy as it seems. After all, not all girls who arrive in London are experienced escorts.

sexy and hot girls in town
sexy and hot girls in town

Many of the better agencies turn to north London escorts services. They know that agencies based in north London often employ girls who are new to escorting, and train them a bit. I have found all of my best escorts at north London services, says Alan who owns a VIP agency in Mayfair. It is not really cost effective for my girls to train novices, so I personally check out some of the better north London escort services. We normally take from there, and recruit girls who we think are really hot, sexy and ready to move on.

I know that it seems unfair, but it is just like any other business. A lot of the girls who work for north London escorts services, would like to move on anyway. Top agencies in other parts of London offer better working conditions and we often have more gents wanting to date. These are just two of the reasons many of the girls move on. Also, most of the girls have their own dreams an aspirations, they would actually like to become elite and VIP escorts in other parts of London. You can earn more money, and they end up dating a different selection of gents.

Sometimes I do feel bad about taking girls away from north London escorts services but such is life. I never recruit a girl from another agency unless that I have personally meet her. We do have scouts, you could call them talent scouts, who look out for girls. After they have dated the girl, I ask for her contact details and I invite her to see me. If she measures up, I explain what our escorts service is about and if she likes it, she can start on a trial basis. I do look after my girls, and many of my girls have worked here for a very long time.

Where is the best place in London to date fresh escorts?

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