As a matter of fact, I think that dirty weekends have a lot of health benefits. My boyfriend and I both work for West Midland escorts. He is a male escort and I am a female escort, and it is really important to be able to get away to have some time together. Of course, dirty weekends don’t have to take place during the weekend. They can take place any time during the week as well, and that is often what we do.

We just love to get out of London and get away from West Midland escorts. When I first started to work for the escort agency on an outcall escort basis, I thought it was going to be one of those jobs that does not make you that tired, but it does. The hours are long, and most of the time we work during the evening or night. My boyfriend looks after a lot of his ladies during the evening, and I also look after my gents during the late evening or early evening sometimes. It is not an easy lifestyle and we just like to get away.

I have to be honest and say that we do go for nice locations. In recent years, the weekend break industry in the UK has become very competitive and you can find some amazing deals in top hotels around the UK. My boyfriend went away with one of his West Midland escorts lady friends a couple of years ago, and that is how it all started. He picked up a brochure and we went away to the same hotel a couple of weeks later. It was fantastic.

What I really like about weekend breaks is that you can be super active, or not active at all. Many of the locations that we stayed at offer things like golf. You are not going to believe this, but we are all getting into golf. We are probably the only West Midland escorts who golf but we like it. It is something that you can do together and when you take advantage of deals, it is not that expensive at all. I am sure that most people would actually enjoy it. Of course, it costs you a little bit of money to invest in clubs and stuff like that, but once you have done, you are up and running.

Of course, when you travel to places like the West County, you can find all of these little unique shops. I am not the greatest shopper in the world, but my boyfriend like so many other male West Midland escorts, like to shop. When I go shopping in the West Country, I like to look out for things like antique jewellery. We don’t have that many antique jewellery shops in London, but once you get out of London, you will be able to find lots of them. In recent years, I have been able to build up rather a nice collection of antique jewellery.

Why do I go away for dirty weekends?
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