There are many mysteries in life, but one of the most persistent ones concerns Victoria Beckham. The girls and I at London escorts have been wondering about her for some time, and it is clear that Victoria Beckham is a little bit of a special girl. Normally when you see celebs out and about, they smile like mad, but Victoria does not seem to smile. I am pretty sure if she gave us all a smile, it would turn out that she has a really lovely smile.


The girls at London escorts love to speculate about the reason for the nonexistent Victoria Beckham smile. Does she have bad teeth? I am pretty sure that someone with all of her money would not have bad teeth. If you take a little closer look at her, you will see that she sort of forces her lips together. It is like she is not happy about being photographed all of the time. David is the opposite and he smiles all of the time. Clearly he thinks that smiling is very important.


Could it be that her face looks wrinkled when she smiles? I have met so people who faces really wrinkle up when they smile. But then again, they don’t avoid smiling altogether like Victoria Beckham. They always have a little grin on their faces, but i can’t even see that Victoria Beckham has a little grin on her face. She just looks like she is sucking on a lemon all of the time. Does she look pretty? No, I think that Victoria just looks sad and miserable all of the time.


Is Victoria Beckham shy? She is certainly not shy. When she was a member of the Spice Girls, she used to wear some really outlandish customs. But, we go back to the same thing, she did not used smile a lot then neither. One of the girls here at London escorts showed me a photo of Victoria Beckham from her Spice Girls days, and she looked just as miserable as she does today. Is it a posh look? I thought that she was trying to look posh first of all, but then I realized that most posh people do smile a lot.


How can we get Victoria Beckham to smile? I am not sure how we can get her to smile. One of the girls here at London who has a friend, who is a celeb photographer, has suggested the paparazzi should stop photographing her. At first I thought that was a really bad idea, but as she is a celeb, I think that my London escorts friend may be on to something. She does not seem to mind having her photo taken as she promotes her brand all of the time. If the paparazzi stopped taken her photo, she would have to change her attitude. I am not sure that it would help, but I do think there is something to it. She loves to see her herself in the magazines and if we took that away, it may even help to get Victoria Beckham to smile.








Why doesn’t Victoria Beckham smile?